Here Are 10 Common Traps When Designing Car Graphics

Designing Car Graphics

Wrapping a car in vinyl and adding graphics to it are both excellent promotional tools. The products allow you to convert any car into a mobile advertising platform. However, many company owners fail to get any advantages from vehicle vinyl wrap due to a few frequent mistakes. Thankfully, they are simple enough to avoid. Here are ten frequent blunders that people make while designing car graphics, and how to correct them quickly and efficiently

Simple Graphics Errors on Vehicles Due to Low-Quality Supplies

Graphics and decals for vehicles are often made of vinyl. When you invest in incorrect or low-quality materials, you set yourself up for future disappointment and increased expenditures. Instead of cutting corners on the vinyl itself, use these money-saving tricks for making your vinyl designs go farther. Because Nexus Signage only uses 3M vinyl in its products, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t have any peeling, discoloration, bubbling, or other issues for the duration of the guarantee.

Incorrect Vehicle Wrap Size

As a first step in the design process, we shall inquire as to the make and size of the customer’s car. Wraps for motor vehicles must be tailored to each specific make and model. More than that, even the same model year of an automobile might have size and design variations depending on when it was first introduced. The designer risks making a plan that is either too lengthy or too short if they don’t take this into account.

It’s critical that you describe your car in detail before beginning the wrapping process. Don’t blindly follow your car’s blueprints. Get the consumer to double-check the dimensions, and take your own.

disregarding the shape or details of the vehicle

A car’s body has curves and lines and its outside has door handles and trim and its inside has accessories. The capacity to visualise the finished product is essential for a vehicle graphic designer. Things like the gas cap and the shark’s air vent should be accounted for. If your car wrap design includes a logo or word, having it cut in half at the door seam can damage the look. If your text needs to curve around a curve or projection on the side of the automobile, it may get deformed.

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Too Many Joins

In large-scale visuals, the seam is an inevitable need. But a skilled graphic designer will minimise seams or find a seamless solution by placing the seam in an unobtrusive location.

Typographical Errors & Misspellings

Incorrect information or misspelt words in the evidence should not be ignored. Verify everything is proper, from the phone number and website to the spelled-out names of the services.

Non-Readable Typefaces

Keep in mind that consumers are exposed to advertising wraps on moving vehicles at speeds of 40-60 mph. No one will be able to reach out to you if the typefaces are unreadable. Instead of using scripts, we recommend sticking to sans serif fonts like Arial or Helvetica, or at least to the simplest serif fonts.

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A Hectic Pattern

It’s possible to be distracted by an abundance of text or hues. Always keep the adage “less is more” in mind. The design’s minimalism will make your message jump off the wrapping paper and into the audience’s mind.

Essential Details Are Missing

Driving around with a vehicle wrap means that whomever is in front of you will see the the vehicle’s side that is facing them. Your company’s name and contact details, therefore, need to be advertised from every conceivable vantage point. Think about the front and back, as well as the top and sides of the car.

Pick the Incorrect Shade

Choose the text and graphic colour scheme to complement the vehicle’s exterior. When trying to draw attention to certain details, a lack of contrast in the chosen colours is a fatal flaw. Use colour schemes with a lot of contrast for the greatest effects. It’s best to use dark font colours against a white backdrop. Keep the colour scheme light if the backdrop is dark. For instance, purple letters will shine out on a yellow backdrop, while orange letters will be very apparent on a blue background.

Not Doing Enough Preparation Work

A great vinyl vehicle wrap kit won’t save you from botching the installation. In certain cases, grime and oil on the car’s surface might produce wrinkles, bubbles, and lifting. Before applying, ensure that the vehicle has been well cleaned. Learn how to cover your car in vinyl by following our easy instructions.

There are, of course, many additional examples of poor car graphics that we haven’t covered. Feel free to tell us your experiences, and our skilled graphic designers will do their best to provide solutions. Contact us now for a personalised graphic solution if you’re ready to begin the process of designing and installing a car wrap.

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